TAROX Discs, a Unique Braking Surface

Nicholas Counsell

TAROX’s unique approach to disc finishing gives an ultra-stable braking surface and unparalleled heat resistance.


This heat resistance begins long before the finishing stage as raw materials are selected specifically for their ability to remain stable under high stress and high temperatures.


This raw material is uniquely aged and treated in order to enhance the properties of the steel. A traditional process that TAROX has guarded closely since 1976.


Once the details of the disc are machined, it’s possible to begin the surface finishing process. The exact process depends on the style of disc in question, with 2 piece discs receiving additional finishing to ensure a perfectly uniform bell mounting face.


Only then can the unique surface grinding begin. This is a several stage process that prepares the disc surface for the rigours of track use during it’s life. Only TAROX discs are finished in this way and give TAROX discs their stable braking surface that our customers have come to depend on.


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