TAROX are manufacturers of high-performance brake upgrades. Founded in 1976, TAROX produce a wide selection of braking products, from performance rotors and pads to bespoke calipers and systems.

TAROX work with individual customers on bespoke, tailored solutions for both road cars and race cars, as well as working with professional motorsport teams and a range of independent vehicle manufacturers on larger scale braking solution projects.

Our reputation within the industry is founded upon a background of innovation and race winning pedigree which you can learn more about in our history page here

All TAROX discs and calipers are designed and manufactured in our factory in Northern Italy. This in-house approach ensures the very maximum in performance and quality. Every TAROX rotor is constructed using the highest quality casts and steel billets before being heat treated and balanced by hand for the smoothest possible surface. For a brake manufacturer with innovation in its DNA, look no further than TAROX.

Tarox products are available worldwide. Contact us to find out more.