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TAROX Audi RS4 (B9) brake upgrade

A fresh edition to the TAROX Bespoke range, these premium two-piece discs and pads have been specifically developed for Audi’s stunning RS4 (B9).


With its powerful twin-turbo V6 engine and sure-footed quattro handling, the RS4 delivers blistering performance, all wrapped up in a subtly aggressive package. It’s one of the fastest and most desirable point-to-point estate cars money can buy.

The RS4’s 375mm (14.7in) one-piece discs discs are replaced by F2000 two-piece discs (also 375mm) from the TAROX Bespoke range. They feature 7075 alloy bells, with a semi-floating bolt pattern – the ideal setup for road or track. This allows for expansion between bell and disc, but unlike a full-floating setup, is not compromised by noise and reliability issues. Being the same diameter, they also fit perfectly behind the OEM wheels.

TAROX offers a range of high-performance pads to complement the Bespoke discs, but in this case recommends their fast-road Strada pads, which offer increased bite and greater resistance to thermal build up – without the compromise associated with track-focused pads.

As with all TAROX braking solutions, every component has been manufactured from the finest materials, then rigorously tested to ensure many years of fault-free high performance. It goes without saying that they are also beautifully designed and look stunning behind the RS4’s OEM wheels.


Unleash the full potential of your Audi RS4 with a TAROX performance brake package.

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Photos: Audi AG

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