Arrivederci to TAROX long term BMW M4

Nicholas Counsell
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It’s time to say farewell the TAROX long term development BMW M4. We have had the Yas Marina coupe for 2 years and in this time it has been constantly ‘in development’. Testing our product development to the limit. The F platform M4 and M3 quickly acquired a reputation for being a bit of a tricky customer in certain conditions and opinion in the press was the steel brakes under performed when pushed. There are positives with the stock brakes and replacing the full front and rear system would prove not straight forward. The stock brake pedal is good and progressive and the system is quite light this combined with limited space in the OE wheel ensured we had to be at the top of our game to gain significant improvements.


Once development of ‘Stage 1’ parts was completed; Two piece discs, pads and hoses – you can read more about them

It was decided two front kits would be developed. One for the original 19’’ wheel which would stay close to the OEM size of 380mm and a bigger kit for 20’’ wheels using our flagship B40R 12 piston caliper. The smaller kit could not use the B40R due to wheel restrictions and it was decided the B360 – 8 piston would not be big enough. Time for a new caliper…

B38 R detail 4

The B38R would see TAROX engineers use all their skill and experience to build a caliper compact enough to fit a 19’’ but big enough to house a 385mm disc. The B38R utilises all of the latest design concepts introduced on other TAROX calipers while adopting some new ones.  More on the B38R here



A comparison picture was taken when installing the first production kit. This really does emphasize how much more caliper we managed to squeeze behind the stock 19’s


With a new caliper designed and ready to go, a rear kit designed around the tried and tested B360 it was time to build the mileage. With extensive testing both in house and the use of external professional test drivers it was concluded the kits delivered much greater braking force – notably keeping the car flat with little front pitching ‘The car now feels like it is being pulled towards the asphalt’ The first production kit would make its way to the UK destined for TAROX PR manager Ben Chandlers M3. Extra feedback from Ben using the car as a daily with some occasional track work would be the best way to sign the kits off. With development complete it was time to display both Ben’s M3 and the new B38R at Autosport


Focus then quickly moved to the bigger kit designed around the gorgeous Fifteen52 formula GT. With so much experience gathered from the development of the smaller kits development moved quicker, also helped by the fact the caliper being used was not brand new. With a 400mm two piece disc and 12 piston calipers the kit really is formidable not to mention the gold anodised finish behind the silver Formula GT’s!


To develop brake systems that can outperform the stock system in every way on a car like the M4 is no mean feat. We believe with the smaller kit for the OEM wheels the TAROX option really let M3/M4 and now M2 owners really find the limits of their car. The TAROX systems brake harder more consistently with great pedal feel, while keeping weight low. It’s been one of the biggest development projects in our history but we are so glad we got the experience, sad to see the M4 go but excited for the next project, hopefully it’s a little kinder too us.



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