Golf Mk8 R/Clubsport – floating front disc upgrade

Davy Lewis

Available from the TAROX Bespoke Range, these fully-floating discs are manufactured from a solid billet of steel, then heat treated and cooled for strength and durability. A direct replacement for the OEM discs on the Golf Mk8 Clubsport and R, they measure 340mm and 356mm respectively. A range of facings may be specified, according to driving style and preferences, including the best-selling, grooved, F2000 design.

To complement these high-performance discs, two compounds of pad are available: Strada, for road; and Corsa, for track/more powerful road cars. Both pads offer improved friction resulting in more bite and are able to operate at higher temperatures to deliver efficient, fade-free braking time after time. The Strada pads do not require any heating to get to optimum efficiency and are ideal for road cars, especially performance variants.

The Corsa pads, although still effective from cold, deliver greatly improved friction with more bite. They offer maximum performance at all temperatures – ideal for track driving or more powerful road cars.

Rear discs and pads are also available for the Clubsport and R, as well as high-quality braided lines. 

As with all TAROX braking solutions, every component has been manufactured from the finest materials, then rigorously tested to ensure many years of fault-free high performance. It goes without saying that they are also beautifully designed, and look stunning behind the OEM wheels.

A highly durable anti-rust coating may also be specified, when ordering, which is recommended for road users and low-mileage/show cars.

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