Bisimoto chooses TAROX for “Boxman” Porsche

Dan Allen

When TAROX visited Bisimoto Engineering’s California HQ in August 2017, parked in the corner of the workshop was a very stock looking 986 Porsche Boxster. “This is a car I will definitely need your help with” company owner ‘Bisi Ezerioha tells us, revealing his wild plan for the car, “Twin turbo charged, center seat, telescopic pedals, carbon fiber “cayman-esque” roof, full race application, designed for 300-700hp.”


Fast forward just 2 months to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Bisi and his team had got the job done! Parked on the Dynapack booth, in all of its wide-body, 987-facelifted, candy-red glory, was the crazy creation we’d been told about. Only one major tweak to the project was required: “It just needs better brakes!”


When we asked Bisi, whose reputation allows to cherry-pick exactly which manufacturers he involves with his creations, “Why TAROX?” he responded with “I share my ideals with the engineers at Porsche. Efficiency, Quality and Reliability, because when combined, they create performance. TAROX shares those qualities. I love that I don’t need to change my master cylinder and adjusting brake balance is a thing of the past. I really can have my cake and eat it too”


Following SEMA, the TAROX factory in Italy set about developing a brand new application for the 986 chassis, ultimately settling on a Super Sport kit that combined our recently revised, directional B360-8 piston caliper with a 2-piece 360mm x 28mm rotor, which will fit behind a typical 18” wheel. With fitment also confirmed on the 987 chassis, the brakes were shipped to Bisi on the west coast of the United States, bound for the “Boxman” project.



With the parts installed and tested the feedback was overwhelmingly positive “Before, I always thought that the factory Porsche brakes were decent, but I knew they could be improved. I just had no idea by how much! They are absolutely superb” Bisi tells us “Even with the lightweight calipers I knew that larger rotors would be heavier, but even still my lap times improved significantly. TAROX will always be my first choice!” 


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