Matt Crooke’s ‘Rennpig’ Debuts at SEMA 2016

Nicholas Counsell
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Fifteen52’s Matt Crooke presented the latest evolution of his ‘Rennpig’ 911 SC project at SEMA 2016 and was one of two very special vehicles representing TAROX brakes. This build is not your usual polished show car but rather a more hardcore outlaw-style machine, focused on driving enjoyment and raw sensory pleasure.

fifteen52 rennpig

A Borla Induction throttle body package provides the soundtrack at the rear of this 911 with a Bisimoto built performance upgrade. For increased stopping power Matt called upon TAROX brakes.


‘The handling improvements and additional power really left a huge hole in the braking department, it was detracting from the experience behind the wheel’ explained Matt. Luckily TAROX brakes has a huge wealth of experience with the air-cooled 911 platform and had a 6 pot solution available, perfect for this SC build.

fifteen52 rennpig

The TAROX brake package is not only a powerful upgrade from the standard system, it also gives fantastic modulation and brake feel, further elevating the driving experience. Based around the compact B30 caliper the 911 SC 6 pot brake kit allows for unrivaled wheel clearance, allowing Matt to be really creative with the wheel design and more importantly, maintain the use of a 16″ rim diameter.

fifteen52 rennpig

For the wheels on this project Matt and the Fifteen52 team took inspiration from the legendary flat-12 Le Mans racing Porsche 917. The satin black finish keying in with the black anodised TAROX calipers and hardcore ethos of the build.

fifteen52 rennpig

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